Battle of Britain

6 September 2020

ROSIER, Fred (#17)

Air Chief Marshal Sir Fred ROSIER GCB CBE DSO 43 (F) Sqn on Furies & Hurricanes at Tangmere 1936 to 1939, in France, UK, Western Deser t and Europe, developing close tactical fighter support with 22. ~ Harry Broadhurst ~
2 September 2020

ATKINS, George (#3)

Corporal ‘Tommy’ George ATKINS Nos 1(F) & 43(F) Sqns, in pre-war motor industry serviced BATTLE OF BRITAIN HURRICANES, SPITFIRES in ITALY & 1944/45 LANCASTERS One of many GROUND TECHNICIANS who played a vital role throughout.
29 August 2020


Air Commodore Sir AL ‘Archie’ WINSKILL KCVO DFC* AE: 603 SQN,1st via PAT O’LEARY LINE to SPAIN/GIBRALTAR. led 232 Sqn to N.AFRICA, CFI CGS, OC 17 SQN Japan Representing ESCAPE NETWORKS
29 August 2020

TUCK, RR Stanford (#9)

Wing Commander RR Stanford TUCK DSO DFC** (27+e/a) 65, 92, OC 257 Sqns, Duxford & Biggin Hill Wgs. Representing PRISONERS of WAR & 50 Stalag Luft III Escapees killed, including ‘Big X’, 92 Sqn OC Squadron Leader Roger BUSHELL
29 August 2020

TOWNSEND, Peter W (#12)

Group Captain Peter W TOWNSEND CVO DSO DFC* (11+e/a) 36, 43, OC 85 & 605, 611 Sqns Battle of Britain, on day & night fighters, Stn Cdr West Malling & Drem, Equerry HM King George VI 1944-52, HM The Queen, Elizabeth II R 1950-53
29 August 2020

SMITH, Irving S (#109)

Group Captain Irving Stanley ‘Black’ SMITH CBE DFC* RNZAF 151& 487 Sqns, HURRICANE & DEFIANT (8+ e/a) led 487 Sqn MOSQUITO raid on AMIENS Gestapo Prison 18Feb44 (OPERATION JERICHO) and on Vincey
29 August 2020

ROBERTS, David (#207)

Destroyed an enemy aircraft from the ground during one of the hardest days of the Battle of Britain “During an air raid on RAF Kenley 18 Aug 1940, Aircraftman 2nd Class Roberts was in charge of a […]
29 August 2020

QUILL, Claire (#185)

185 Mrs Claire QUILL (née Wq Off LEGGE WRAF): for Lord DOWDING's FIGHTER COMMAND and its proven CONTROL and REPORTING system and here, in particular, those many WAAF ground control PLOTTERS and FIGHTER CONTROLLERS in and beyond the BATTLE of BRITAIN, often hearing through their headphones the savage cut and thrust of battle and too many final silences. Also recalled here is her popular late TEST PILOT husband, Jeffrey QUILL OBE AFC and the outstanding development by the Vickers SUPERMARINE team of designer Reginald MITCHELL (died 1937 at age 42) and then Joe SMITH, of the SPITFIRE. The power, take off weight and climb rate of the “SPIT” were doubled, with a five fold increase in firepower - the SEAFIRE 47s were the last of a total of 22,890 SPITFIRES produced. Claire Legge was a key adviser ensuring the 1940 period authenticity, particularly of the WAAFs in 1968/69’s "Battle of Britain" Film.
29 August 2020

PIPER, AH (#5)

Squadron Leader AH ‘Peter’ PIPER DFC 236 Squadron BLENHEIMS. Peter re-trained as a pilot and flew transport supply. Representing all other aircrew, and non-fighter aircraft types, in and beyond the BATTLE OF BRITAIN.
29 August 2020

NEIL, Thomas F (#102)

Wing Commander Thomas F ‘Ginger’ NEIL DFC DFC* AFC AE (17 e/a) 249 Sqn HURRICANES, BATTLE of BRITAIN, then to MALTA in May off ARK ROYAL to Dec4l; in l944 shared 16 e/a strafed + USAF 9th AIR FORCE Representing the NIGHT-FIGHTER WAR Wing Commander Bransome A ‘Branse’ BURBRIDGE DSO* DF'C* DFC (US) (21 e/a & 3 V-1s) Top scorer, with Sqn Ldr FS ‘Bill’ SKELTON, on MOSQUITO in UK and 100 GROUP long range support
29 August 2020

LOTT, C George (#11)

Air Vice Marshall C George LOTT CB CBE DSO DFC (5 e/a) “One of the very first of the few”. Halton, 1 of only 3 airmen taught to fly on 19 Sqn trial, 41 Sqn, Iraq, OC 43(F) Sqn, lost eye on eve of BATTLE OF BRITAIN combat, CO Hornchurch, Sector Cdr & RAF Delegation to USA
29 August 2020

LISKUTIN, Miroslav A (#130)

Squadron Leader Miroslav A ‘Tony’ LISKUTIN DFC RAF, fighter pilot and later post-war RAF & civilian flying instructor In memory of friends FRANTISEK, KUCERA & SMIK and representing all CZECHOSLOVAKS + 511 Czechoslovak WW2 airmen killed.
29 August 2020

LAFONT, Henri Lucien (#160)

Colonel Henri Lucien LAFONT Cdr Légion d’Honneur, Comp. de la Libération, G.Off de l’Ordre de Mérite, Croix de Guerre Dramatically escaped Vichy-held Algeria for England, flew HURRICANES, one of 13 French pilots in the BATTLE of BRITAIN. 1938-65 L’Armée de l’Air & RAF 245, 615, 341 Alsace Sqns. In memory of his friends Commandant René MOUCHOTTE, Bernard DUPÉRIER, and some 300 FRENCH pilots killed in the war.
29 August 2020

LACEY, James (#7)

World War Two fighter pilot James Harry "Ginger" Lacey is being honoured with a blue plaque this weekend at his birthplace - now the site of a German-owned supermarket. While WW2 pilots like Douglas Bader and Guy Gibson became household names, Lacey's story is less well known.
29 August 2020


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29 August 2020

KELLETT, Ronald G (#29)

Wing Commander Ronald G KELLETT DSO DFC VM AE* RAF Flying Ace. Representing Auxiliary Air Force & Polish contribution: Nos 600, 616, 249 Sqns, founding OC 303 Polish Squadron, the most successful Battle of Britain Squadron & OC 96 Sqn
29 August 2020

JOHNSON, James E (#21)

Air Vice-Marshal James E ‘Johnnie’ JOHNSON CB CBE DSO** DFC* (c.38+ e/a) 700 operational 1941-1944 sorties: 19, 6!6, OC 616, Wg Ldr Kenley & 127, 125 &124 Wing top Fighter Commander Representing SPITFIRE Squadrons & in memory of Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader CBE DSO* DFC* 23, 19, 222, 0C242
29 August 2020

HEARN, Avis J (#75)

Aircraftwoman (later Flight Sergeant) Avis J HEARN (Parsons) MM One of only 6 WOMEN’S AUXILIARY AIR FORCE members during the war honoured with the Military Medal. 4’11” of courage: in BATTLE OF BRITAIN, 18Aug40, stayed at reporting post as secret POLING RADAR station bombed: “about 30 planes dropped about 90 bombs on us.” (The scene was replicated in 'The Battle of Britain' film)
29 August 2020


Wing Commander HJL ‘Jim’ HALLOWES DFC DFM* (c. 19+ e/a) 43, 96, 43, 65, OC of 122, 222, 165 & 504 Sqns after Halton 1932 & Sgt Pilot 1936; in BATTLE OF BRITAIN destroyed his Bf-109 attacker once when on fire, Stn Cdr Dunsfold
29 August 2020


Wing Commander W J ‘Sticks’ GREGORY DSO DFC* DFM VR 3 CATERPILLAR, l GOLDFISH. In memory of Wing Commander JRD ‘Bob’ BRAHAM DSO** DFC** and representing 29, 141 & 107 Sqns (29+ e/a) and BEAUFIGHTER/MOSQUITO OPS
29 August 2020

GRANDY, John (#2)

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Grandy, GCB, GCVO, KBE, DSO, KStJ (8 February 1913 – 2 January 2004) was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force. He was the only officer who fought and commanded a squadron during the Battle of Britain to reach the post of Chief of the Air Staff.
29 August 2020

GILLAM, Denys (#25)

Group Captain Denys GILLAM DSO** DFC* AFC (8 e/a) RAF Fighter Pilot Ace. 29, 616, 312, OC 306 & 615 Sqns & 146 Wg Ldr & Hurricane flakship buster, with fastest enemy a/c victory on take-off from Speke (Ju88); Typhoons & 2TAF
29 August 2020

GIBSON, John AA (#197)

Squadron Leader John AA ‘Johnny’ GIBSON DSO DFC* (e/a 12) RAF & RNZAF (destroyed c.14, damaged l2 e/a) for NEW ZEALAND in BATTLES of FRANCE & BRITAIN, 501SQN, No.53 OTU, in PACIFIC, RHINE CROSSING at REES, 5th time shot down, BURMA, VIP pilot
29 August 2020

FRASER-HARRIS, Alexander B (#218)

Commodore Alexander Beaufort ‘Fraser’ FRASER-HARRIS DSC* CD** US LofM RN & RCN NOVA SCOTIA. 803, 759, 801 & 807 SQNs, HMS Glorious’ SKUAS Bombing of Königsberg, BERGEN, FURIOUS, N.AFRICA ,CDR OP TRG in South Africa
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