Dietrich BETHGE
Dietrich BETHGE
Renowned cellist and Godson of, and Christened by, Protestant Pastor Dietrich BONHOEFFER, who in 1944 wrote a celebrated sermon from prison on the occasion: “one day, long after 2000, you will be the living bridge over which your descendants will get. an oral tradition of more than 250 years…if the Lord wills.” Renowned cellist.
German wartime opposition & Nazi resistance.
Dr Loek NC ‘Elsa’ CASPERS King’s Medal for Service in cause of Freedom
“Caspers used her bike to transport everything from hand grenades to transmitters for calling in allied bombing raids and microfilm revealing details of German troop positions… “It’s very important not forget…You fight for the same principles, don’t you? Freedom of opinion and freedom of speech, freedom of religion, against dictatorship…” (Author, as Elsa, To Save a Life foreword Sir John Hackett, Signatory 47.) Helped JEWISH FAMILIES & foreword Sir John Hackett (q.v.) ARNHEM escape.
DUTCH RESISTANCE with their high losses, some by betrayal & sent to CONCENTRATION CAMPS.
A Coastwatcher signs anonymously in memory of gallant left behind COASTWATCHERS, HELPERS radio INTELLIGENCE to US PACIFIC FORCES & (posthumous VC) Sefanala SUKANAIVALU VC & BOUGAINVILLE.
Vicomtesse de CLARENS
Mme. Jeannie YG Rousseau (Vicomtesse de CLARENS) King’s Medal for Service in the cause of Freedom, CIA Agency Seal Medal, Légion d’Honneur (and Grand Officer Medal), Croix de Guerre, Resistance Medal
“She was one of the most remarkable young women of her generation.” (New York Times). Aged 23, as ‘Amniarix’ in the DRUIDES network, showed great courage evading Gestapo to capture crucial German rockets programme information, vital intelligence leading to Bombing of Peenemünde (German V-1 Doodlebug and V-2 Rockets). Captured twice and sent to three concentration camps.
Mme. Andrée Antoine DUMON (‘NADINE’), King’s Medal #158
Andrée Antoine DUMON
Mme. Andrée Antoine DUMON (‘NADINE’), King’s Medal
Helped rescue 27 Allied ESCAPED AIRCREW, for COMET LINE, sister MICHOU GM & Andrée (Dedée) de JONGH. Captured & in RAVENSBRUCK MAUTHAUSEN (video)
Mrs Lorna ELLISON (later COOMBS)
One of two sisters who were ‘teenage sweethearts’ of the Czech Jan KUBIS and Slovak Josef GABCIK who parachuted by HALIFAX into CZECHOSLOVAKIA to kill Reinhard HEYDRICH in May1942, before Hitler’s terrible June LIDICE annihilation (turned into the film Anthropoid). “The [sisters] knew it was something serious because they slept with guns under their pillows even in a small village. But my mum and aunt didn’t think they were going to their deaths.” Lorna’s tale was first told in The Mirror Caught the Sun: Operation Anthropoid 1942.
Jack Kagan BEM
One of 30,000 Jews who fought the Nazis in the forests of Eastern Europe, a Holocaust writer and educator. As a boy, twice escaped from a labour camp in Nowogrodek in Belarus and joined the Bielski partisans, whose story was told in the film Defiance. He marched, as he said, “not on his broken and bleeding feet but on the strength of his spirit.”
Lieutenant Mario MOLINARI
PARTISAN, earlier demolition Engineer ITALIAN ARMY, he with 38th GARIBALDI BRIGADE near PIACENZA, 23May44 1st municipality occupied, wife’s family in RESISTANCE
For: 200.000 enrolled PARTISANS with ALLIES
Mrs Irmina ROEFLER (née RUNO)
1944 teenager POLISH HOME ARMY COURIER 80 for the,000 heroic comrades in doomed WARSAW UPRISING by Stalin’s duplicity1Aug-30ct44; 18,000 PARTISANS killed and about 200,000 civilians dying.
Johannes van ERP
Johannes (Jan) van ERP
for DUTCH RESISTANCE spirit, HELMOND ‘Boy with the bicycle’ , replacing their dead comrade helped guard & guide exhausted BREN GUN ANTI-TANK CARRIER CREW, L/CPL Jack PRATT, Horace READ, Bill HOLDEN
Born German in 1930; father & uncle decorated by Germany in WWI, commemorates Aunt Carola exterminated at TREBLINKA, the HOLOCAUST MILLIONS lost & British Major FRANK FOLEY saving hundreds as age 8 Simon.