30 August 2020

MAX, Roy (#289)

Group Captain Roy Max travelled from New Zealand to join the RAF as a pilot and survived the crippling losses of bombers deployed to France at the outbreak of the Second World War; already a veteran at 24, he was made a wing commander and appointed to command No 75 (NZ) Squadron, the first Commonwealth squadron in Bomber Command.
30 August 2020

MACLENNAN, Ian R (#128)

Flight Lieutenant Ian MacLennan was one of the last surviving fighter “aces” who engaged in fierce air battles during the Siege of Malta to secure the island’s survival.
30 August 2020

HOLDER, Paul (#191)

AIR MARSHAL SIR PAUL HOLDER took part in the Second World War defence of Habbaniya, Iraq, when the RAF’s station there was attacked and besieged by the Iraqi nationalist rebel Raschid Ali.
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