30 August 2020

GICK, Philip D (#206)

REAR ADMIRAL PHILIP “PERCY” GICK, who died aged 88, flew Swordfish aircraft in the early years of the Second World War; he served in a total of eight aircraft carriers, and was awarded the DSC and Bar and twice mentioned in dispatches.
30 August 2020

ATKINSON, Robert (#214)

Sir Robert Atkinson won three DSCs commanding corvettes in the Battle of the Atlantic. A highly rated marine engineer and businessman, he chaired British Shipbuilders in the bleak early 1980s, making one last effort to keep the industry competitive.
29 August 2020

FRASER, Ian E (#67)

Lieutenant-Commander Ian Fraser won the Victoria Cross as captain of the midget submarine XE3 in Operation Struggle, a daring attack on the Japanese 10,000-ton heavy cruiser Takao in the Johore Straits, off Singapore Dockyard, just before the end of the Second World War.
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