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30 August 2020

SHEEN, Desmond FB (#88)

Group Captain Desmond F B SHEEN DFC* (5e/a) from Sydney, AUSTRALIA for BofB & 72 Sqn SPITFIRE operations, friend of Wing Commander JB ‘Nick’ NICOLSON VC DFC & Representing the support of DOMINION AIR FORCES.
30 August 2020

SCARMAN, Leslie (#241)

Leslie Scarman, Baron SCARMAN PC OBE RAF 1940-45, BOMBER COMMAND and Squadron Leader ‘TORCH’, IKE-MONTY Liaison, Nov42-May45 PSO AM TEDDER Desert & to Europe SURRENDERS
30 August 2020

BARKER, John Lindsay (#307)

Air Vice Marshal John Lindsay BARKER CB CBE DFC (Father at JUTLAND). Army Co-op 26 Sqn, BEF, OC 241 Sqn HURRICANES, WAR CABINET Plans, OC 625 Sqn LANCASTERS inc. OP MANNA, TIGER Force HK
29 August 2020

NEIL, Thomas F (#102)

Wing Commander Thomas F ‘Ginger’ NEIL DFC DFC* AFC AE (17 e/a) 249 Sqn HURRICANES, BATTLE of BRITAIN, then to MALTA in May off ARK ROYAL to Dec4l; in l944 shared 16 e/a strafed + USAF 9th AIR FORCE Representing the NIGHT-FIGHTER WAR Wing Commander Bransome A ‘Branse’ BURBRIDGE DSO* DF'C* DFC (US) (21 e/a & 3 V-1s) Top scorer, with Sqn Ldr FS ‘Bill’ SKELTON, on MOSQUITO in UK and 100 GROUP long range support
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