2 October 2020

WIREMU, Hemi (#210)

210 Lieutenant Hemi ‘Himi’ WIREMU MBE for all (especially long term i.e. 4-5yr) PRISONERS of WAR, and also for the rapidly formed, quickly sent NEW ZEALAND MAORI BATTALION & the ANZAC part in the necessary GREEK CAMPAIGN, where (as some other countries as Norway for obvious political reasons, which really could only start when an invasion meant it was already almost too late, particularly without strong local air power) 10:1 Luftwaffe: RAF highlighted the Germans' AIR SUPERIORITY; however the value of the critical two months’ delay to BARBAROSSA was highly significant and greatly assisted “General Winter” to SAVE RUSSIA. The disastrous experiences of the first two years of WW2's country losses led to the strong post-war 1949 NATO TREATY, which was to underpin half a century of relatively stable EUROPEAN PEACE and eventual success in the COLD WAR.
30 August 2020

WATKINS, Tasker (#256)

“his superb gallantry and total disregard for his own safety…were responsible for saving the lives of his men and had a decisive influence on the course of the battle” “Sir Tasker Watkins, the former Deputy Chief […]
30 August 2020

HANBURY BROWN, Robert (#196)

Professor Robert HANBURY BROWN FRS AK Born in India, astronomer & physicist. Part of Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s original RADAR team (1937-42), helping develop first airborne radar for night-fighting & detecting ships and submarines. “Without his discovery, the range of detection of a surfaced submarine in a rough sea would have been negligible, with catastrophic consequences for the British merchant fleet in the first years of the war.” (Telegraph). One of the original Bawdsey Boffins. Memoir Boffin: A Personal Story of the Early Days of Radar, Radio Astronomy and Quantum Optics.
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