WW1 Signatories

18 October 2023

LEWIS, Gwilym (#30)

World War 1 Flying Ace. RFC & RAF, with 12 WW1 kills No.32 Sqn DH2s in France at 18, was last surviving WWI SE-5 fighter leader on No.40 Sqn, after Central Flying School Lieutenant Commander; WW2 in War Cabinet team reporting to & briefing CHURCHILL.
10 September 2020

WEST, Ferdinand (#28)

Air Commodore Ferdinand ‘Freddie’ WEST VC CBE MC Recipient of the Victoria Cross. RFC & RAF, Captain Royal Munster Volunteers, 3 and 8 Sqns, last Air action, 17 Sqn, OC 4 Sqn WW1 VC Sqn, CO Farnborough, in WW2 Odiham & Air Attaché Berne
29 August 2020

BRISTOW, Conrad Phillip (#250)

Pilot Lieutenant Conrad Philip BRISTOW for the ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE then Flight Lieutenant as ROYAL AIR FORCE formed on 1 Apr 1918: Philip flew the SHORT 184 for 2 years on ANTI-SUBMARINE PATROL and NAVAL RECONNAISSANCE, mainly from Eastgate.
29 August 2020

BALFOUR, Harold (#13)

Harold Balfour, First Lord BALFOUR of Inchrye PC MC* (9 e/a) Flight Lieutenant Commander as 43(F) Sqn was formed by 23yr old Major Sholto Douglas MC; flew Western Front Sopwith Strutters & Camels; Churchill’s 1938-44 USofS for Air Representing the Royal Flying Corps & Royal Air Force
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