War widows and family losses

2 October 2020

ZURAKOWSKI, Stanislaw (#169)

Stanislaw ZURAKOWSKI  KW (Krzyz Walecznych the Polish Military Cross) signs not only for the POLISH ARMY'S fighting prowess at the Battle of CASSINO and in so many other theatres of war but for his father, Stanislaw Ludwik ZURAKOWSKI, Mayor of OSTROG in 1938, and all those 4,000 POLISH military officers and leaders executed in the KATYN MASSACRE (identified and revealed only on13Apr43 by German forces) near Smolensk by Stalin’s Soviet forces in the Spring of 1940, after 15,000 were taken prisoner or deported.
2 October 2020

NICOLSON, Muriel (#1)

WAR WIDOW of Wing Commander James NICOLSON VC DFC (the only RAF Fighter VC: 72 & 249 Squadrons, TURBINLITE, OC 27 Squadron BEAUFIGHTER operations over BURMA, (killed 2May45) ditched 355 Sqn Liberator. Representing War Widows campaign leader Mrs Iris STRANGE++ & all WAR WIDOWS
2 October 2020

MURRAY, Bridie (#10)

AIR MINISTRY & WAR WIDOW. In memory of her husband, MOSQUITO observer Flying Officer Fergus Murray DFC (23 & 464 Sqns) & her brother, RAAF pilot Flying Officer Ronald G DAWSON [KIA 21Mar45] on COPENHAGEN GESTAPO HQ RAID.
2 October 2020

MEEKUMS, April (#68)

In memory of her brother, one of 168 CIVILIANS killed (& 121 seriously injured) in the worst V-2 attack of WW2, on 25NOV44 on Woolworths store, New Cross, Deptford (see also: ANTWERP’s V-2 BOMBING), one of the many millions of WAR CIVILIANS killed.
2 October 2020

LINTON, Margaret (#45)

In memory of her father ROYAL MARINE PLY/X 10283002 Alexander Porter, KIA 6Jun44 on D-DAY beach & representing No.4 COMMANDO & MARINE COMMANDOS & OPERATION OVERLORD losses.
1 October 2020

LENEY, Leslie A (#107)

Representing ROYAL OBSERVER CORPS & seaborne elements, NAAFI and elder brother Samuel & 10 Sqn HALIFAX CREWS 30Mar42 crashed in bad weather, seeking TIRPITZ.
1 October 2020

GREENFIELD, Edith (#283)

Miss Edith GREENFIELD of Cranleigh, when over 100 years of age, would represent her own, her parents’ and this village’s grief at the loss within a fortnight of all three of her brothers, who had been in the Boys’ Brigade.  She poignantly symbolises the totality of WW I’s sacrifice and losses, as expressed in and by 1916’s Battle of the River SOMME.
24 September 2020

DeSTEFANO, Anthony (#238)

USAAC Crew Chief Engines B-17 F/E FLYING FORTRESS 92nd BOMBARDMENT GROUP GROUNDCREW Bovingdon, Alconbury, Podington inc. SCHWEINFURT-REGENSBURG MISSION & in memory of ARTILLERY brother Sam, KIA, BATTLE of LUZON air drop
24 September 2020


In memory of her Czech father Flight Lieutenant Karel ‘Kut’ Kuttelwascher DFC* (18-20 e/a) 1 (F) & 23 Squadrons and Hurricane Night Intruder Ace Squadron Leader James MacLachlan DSO DFC** (16.5 e/a) 88, 73, 145, 261 OC 1 & 132 Squadrons & AFDU
23 September 2020

BOYD, Mary (#101)

Lost her two brothers, one in the RAF, and best man, and this led to her being picked as CHURCHILL’s youngest secretary in order to “steel his fight”, & V-1 bombed out, later spent 35 years as CARER for her FAR EAST POW husband.
1 September 2020

AKHMETOV, Adil (#296)

His Excellency Dr Adil AKHMETOV and in 2001 KAZAKH Ambassador to the Court of St James, through his particular family circumstances, truly represents the massive contribution to final victory and sacrifice of military and civilian lives of those other NON-RUSSIAN SOVIET REPUBLICS but here in particular that of KAZAKHSTAN
29 August 2020

BRYAN, Wendy (#6)

Mrs Wendy BRYAN (née HULL) . Wife of COMMANDO Captain Gerald BRYAN CMG CVO OBE MC (BATTLE of LITANI RIVER). In memory of her two RHODESIA & SOUTH AFRICA brothers killed, Robin (ARMY) & Squadron Leader Caesar HULL DFC BATTLE OF BRITAIN, OC: 43(F) HURRICANE Squadron & 263 GLADIATOR Squadron NORWAY (d. 7Sep40)
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