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KAGAN, Jack (#311)

…army at Stalingrad, and a winter that all but destroyed European Jewry. He was 13 years old and he knew that if he didn’t make the rendezvous with the partisans he would die a silent death amongst the white frozen trees. The group of nine reached a frozen river. ‘The…

AKHMETOV, Adil (#296)

…before his father had to journey 200 miles on foot to enlist in Alma Ata for his training and was lost almost certainly at STALINGRAD. Like so many families in the Soviet Union the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR took a savage toll of their relatives. 350,000 Kazakhs would not return from…

War Widows & Family Losses

#296 Adil AKHMETOV H.E. Dr Adil AKHMETOV+ 2001 KAZAKH Ambassador Lost his father, one of 29 million SOVIET LOSSES, in the BATTLE of STALINGRAD (after walking 200 miles to enlist, ~ 1 350 of 4 family in 000 Kazakh 2m collectivisation purges) war losses ~ #101 Mary BOYD Mrs Mary…

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