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ROBINSON, Albert (#261)

…wartime battle scarred career of the CRUISER. HMS PENELOPE, affectionately described as “Pepperpot”. He joined on 26 Aug 1939 after Boy Seaman Training at GANGES, transferred to KIMBERLEY at the 2nd Battle of NARVIK & (brought back USS Sigourney (16 Dec 1917) as Newport Class ship (named after shared UK…

OKOLOW-ZUBKOWSKI, Konstanty (#178)

…service at sea included active service in NARVIK, NORWAY and then GUNNERY with the crew of battleship HMS “KING GEORGE V” (one of four 1936 programme battleships, inc. Duke of York, Anson & Howe, reverting to 14 inch guns (ten) and the new 5.25″ high angle/low angle AA guns in…

Naval & Naval Air

…WARSHIPS, 10 MTBs & MGBs. Was at NARVIK, GUNNERY on HMS ‘KING GEORGE V’ & SINKING OF BISMARCK 27/28May41; MGBs, DESTROYER & ANZIO. Later represented all Polish war veterans in Britain. Representing POLAND (UK’s staunch ally lost almost 6 million, one sixth of her population – second only to Belarus’s…

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