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WATKINS, Tasker (#256)

…Frank Wootton © IWM Art.IWM ART LD 4756 Watkins’s company had to cross open cornfields containing a number of booby traps, and while doing so came under heavy machine-gun fire from posts in the corn, as well as being targeted by an 88mm gun. When heavy casualties slowed the advance…

BRIDGE, John (#154)

…charges. Using an improvised pulley and block system, the charges were carefully lifted out of the water and laid on the wharf. Inspection of the cylinders revealed a clockwork device, a detonator, primer and a large main charge. After 28 dives on to the booby-trapped groups, all the charges were…

ISON, Paul E (#291)

…two, and units of the Japanese Army in the northern and southern parts of the island were separated.17 The 96th Division made slow progress during the morning of 2 April in the country around Shido. Here it found heavily forested ridges, empty caves and dugouts, and mines and tank traps

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