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“one No. 1 Squadron’s most successful pilots during the blitzkrieg, he claimed at least 13 German aircraft shot down” JI ‘Killy’ KILMARTIN [Signatory #35] “John Ignatius ‘Killy’ Kilmartin was born in Dundalk, Ireland on 8th July 1913, one of eight children. His father, an Oxford graduate and civil servant in…

DRAKE, Billy (#168)

…their mess at Neuville-sur-Ornain, France, in 1940 Interview with Billy Drake ‘During World War II, in 1940, four days into the ‘Blitzkrieg’ Hurricane Pilot Billy Drake, was shot at over France, he baled out and survived.’ IWM’s Oral History by Billy Drake REEL 1 Background in GB and Switzerland, 1917-1936:…

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