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ROSIER, Fred (#17)

…most serious of a succession of narrow escapes had happened in 1940, when he was leading a detachment of Hurricanes from 229 Squadron in support of the British Expeditionary Force in France. Rosier was shot down in flames at Vitry, near Arras. He bailed out badly burnt and was taken…

ATKINS, George (#3)

…battle honours and decorations awarded. The 4th, 8th and 10th Indian Divisions will always be associated with fighting at Cassino, the capture of Rome, the Arno Valley, the liberation of Florence, and the breaking of the Gothic Line. In the Serchio River Valley, on the Fifth Army front, German counterattack

LAMA, Ganju (#146)

…were ordered to counterattack and quickly came under heavy fire from both machine-guns and tanks, pinning them down. Ganju, manning the PIAT anti-tank gun, crawled forwards on his own to get into range and became the target of crossfire which hit him in the wrist and leg. Despite these injuries…

TOWNSEND, Peter W (#12)

…regard for his own safety.” Townsend serving throughout the Battle of Britain as commanding officer of No. 85 Squadron of Hawker Hurricanes. In July he ditched his aircraft in the sea after forcing down a Dornier at Arras. His exploits continued until he was shot down over Tonbridge and although…

BROADHURST, Harry (#22)

…111 on 24th January 1940 and went to HQ 11 Group. In February he took command of 60 Wing in France. On 20th May 1940 he destroyed a Me110 near Arras. After the Wing’s withdrawal to England in June, Broadhurst became Station Commander at Wittering. “First in all things” During…

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