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SMITH, David E (#202)

…hand and neck; CASEVAC out by DAKOTA from RANVILLE back to RAF Hospital WROUGHTON; rejoined CDO for patrols alongside AMERICANS (98th) early Jan45 to counter the ARDENNES OFFENSIVE, by then a DEMOLLTIONS SGT; on via the RHINE CROSSING at WESEL, once almost out of ammunition, had to carry out a…

LACEY, James (#7)

…the Ardennes region. Ms Lacey said: “When he landed, no-one believed him. He later shot down another in the afternoon – three in his first combat of World War Two.” For his bravery during the Battle of France, he was awarded the French Croix de Guerre medal, but was not…

British Army and Commonwealth & Allied Armies

…Sergeant Major David E SMITH BLACK WATCH (Father WW1 CAMERONIAN wounded) 1943 6 CDO; SWORD BEACH 0800h D-DAY,6 weeks wounded, ARDENNES, RHINE CROSSING to NE LUBECK #231 Albert STRONG Sgt T Albert ‘Titch’ STRONG MM 5th LIGHT FIELD AMBULANCE for RASC; lst Battalion SCOTS GUARDS mascot, ITALY GOTHIC LINE rescue…

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