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ELLISON, Lorna (#174)

…silver lining was the knowledge that, by the time they returned, both girls would be closer to marrying age. On December 28, 1941 Jan and Jozef’s nine-man unit parachuted into Czechoslovakia. The resistance hid them in Prague until May 27, 1942, when they attacked Heydrich. The 38-year-old was the virtual…

LISKUTIN, Miroslav A (#130)

…August 23, 1919, in Jirikovice in Czechoslovakia. After completing an engineering apprenticeship he applied to join the Czechoslovak Air Force and trained as a pilot with the 2nd Air Regiment. ROYAL AIR FORCE FIGHTER COMMAND, 1939-1945. (C 3193) Stills from camera gun footage taken from a Supermarine Spitfire Mark V…


…parachuted by HALIFAX into CZECHOSLOVAKIA to kill Reinhard HEYDRICH in May1942, before Hitler’s terrible June LIDICE annihilation (turned into the film Anthropoid). “The [sisters] knew it was something serious because they slept with guns under their pillows even in a small village. But my mum and aunt didn’t think they…

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